Thursday, June 30, 2011

Faking it for the Cause

You are the reason I offer praise in the great assembly; I will fulfill my promises before the LORD's loyal followers. -Psalms 22:25
What's your reason? Some of you may not know I sing on the PM worship team at Capital Community every Sunday. We are on the stage as leaders, we have to give our best in worship even when we don't feel like it (and yes, there are times we don't feel like it) we have to open the door and step into the presence hoping the congregation will follow. But one thing we cannot allow to shift out of place is our reason, the purpose of our worship.

I need to be an example of worship but I cannot exemplify anything if I am faking it for the cause... If my worship doesn't extend past the stage I stand on a few times a week into my daily living I cannot lead people.  I cannot win-over the ones I am hurting with my attitude, harsh words or Facebook & Twitter updates. Remember this song from Sunday school "be careful little eyes what you see. Be careful little mouth what you say?"  That song should still apply now that we are "grown up." (or older haha!) Now would be a good time to refer back to one of my blogs last month if you haven't already read it or need your memory refreshed... Jar of Hearts 

My worship must come from a thankful heart full of appreciation, reverence and love. My worship must not depend on my location, it must not depend on who is watching or what anyone expects of me or even what I expect from others, (can I get an amen?) it must not depend on my obligation to lead... And although all these can push in the right direction it's a thin line we must be careful not to cross.  If our worship does depend on any of these things or is lending itself toward them we should be thinking of stepping out of the spotlight whether for a moment or an extended period longer (spotlight may be a good fast to go on) until we see His light more clearly and have a change of dependence. My worship must only depend on one thing; the God who's worthy of more than i can offer, the God who loved me before I knew He existed, the only one true God who's name is Jesus! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mad Hatter

A lady - and I use that term loosely - we will call her Kim, was in the office last week... She was to pick up an envelope left by a lady who works across the hall for a separate company.  We have an office policy to ask for identification when someone is picking-up anything from us; the only exception being if the person is already known to us.  When the lady asked if I had an envelope for "Kim" I replied with a smile, "sure, I just need to see your ID."  By the time I uttered the second half of my sentence the woman (note I retired the use of the word "lady") already had her hand on the envelope... She shifted her body weight from one side to the other let out a loud sigh and said "GAWD!  It's in the caaar I'll have to go get it!" I smiled again, looked her in the eye, nodded and said "okay."  She turned on a dime walked out the door shutting it behind her (the window is open so I'll give her the benefit of a doubt and say that's why it slammed) rushed down the stairs, grabbed her drivers licence from her car and brought it back.  Slapped it down on the desk instead of passing it to me, turned her head and put her hand on her hip... I picked up her licence, looked at the picture and her quickly and said "thanks" again with a smile while she grabbed the envelope and her licence said "yeh, thanks," shut the door and left.

Unfortunately for her, I know her name and she is the owner of an appraisal business in town... I was initially left with a few thoughts I would like to say to her... Or anyone like her really:

  • "What's it like to live life with that sort of personality/attitude?  Happy I would think."
  • "You represent something other than yourself, think about that before you act a fool... How do you even get business?"
  • "Next time you see your spouse will you apologize for me?  It must be great to live with someone with such a rotten attitude!" and I would smile, of course...
Now I know, I'm a Christian and I represent someone other than myself... Also, I was at work... Those are the two reasons I refrained from the above commentary.  But I really had to make a great effort to bite my tongue.  I know I could blog about representation... I have already and may again, just not now.

I could also blog about "life is what you make it" and people who make "mountains out of mole hills" or even seeing life through the filter of your own attitudes... Rose colored glasses or dark and gloomy, chip on your shoulder thoughts.  Again, a good point, but not that either.

Maybe about your attitude having an effect, positive or negative, on everyone around you and everything you touch... After all, if you're mending a butterfly wing but you're still smashing around because of that past offence you're not going to do very well being gentle with that butterfly and you'll likely kill the thing you are trying to repair.

What I would rather blog about is none of those, it's not what it must be like to be her but my own hasty judgement she is always that person. Although I most likely will not ever recommend her company or be happy to see her again. It could have been that she was just having a horrible day. I don't know her life, family or business for that matter... Maybe her business isn't doing well and she's going bankrupt, maybe that spouse left her for a newer version or one of her parents were transferred from their own home to a nursing home...

So Christian or not, I'm glad I kept my smile "Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day." - Quoted in P.S. I Love You, compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr., I'm glad I was not rude back "Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are." - Author Unknown, I'm glad I didn't say the things on the tip of my tongue "By swallowing evil words unsaid, no one has ever harmed his stomach." - Winston Churchill and I'm glad I'm sensitive enough to recognize the possibility she's actually a nice person in a bitter place "Be pitiful, for every man is fighting a hard battle."  ~John Watson, 1897 (commonly attributed to Plato as "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.")  I've been there and so have you so give someone a break!

"If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble." - Bob Hope

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cautious Curtis

You may think this blog is a bit harsh so two points before I continue...
1. Get over it and put your big girl/boy underwear on.
2. I'm speaking to myself as much as to you.

"We have an extravagant God but an over cautious church!" TF Tenny This is so true for, what I would estimate as being the majority of people these days!  Whether you are a church-goer or not, whether you're Catholic or Presbyterian, "Spiritual" or Spirit-filled; if you're God believing, this one fact runs through your being... You "believe in God" but do not necessarily "believe on God."  I mean, you know He's real, believe He created all, is in all and through all... And the Bible says you do well to believe that, evil also believes and trembles... Taking it one step farther than your belief. But when it all crumbles, when it comes down to needing help or trusting someone/something to change it around for you is it really God you call on?  Probably not. You Most likely try to figure it out on your own, maybe call a friend or if you're "super spiritual" consult a bishop, pastor or elder in your local assembly. You probably didn't even think about taking your plight to God until you pillowed your head hours after thinking it through, planning it out and fretting over the outcome. Even when you "talk the situation over" with God you most likely were too wiped to listen for His response or to search His already established promises, instruction and declarations in his written word... You spoke the words out of necessity like a bedtime story routine instead of speaking with expectancy of help and request for wisdom from God.

Listen, the point is, if you believe God created the Universe... And He did.  If you believe the Bible is true... And it is (there is scientific and physical evidence to prove it!) If you know God gives you the ability to breath each breath... And He does. Then why is it you have a hard time believing He can help you in any situation, that's illogical! If He had enough in the storehouses of Heaven to create all you see, if He has enough wisdom to feed the sparrows and wild animals then He certainly would be able to turn your debt into financial success (this is usually not a one night miracle, follow His biblical instruction... Quick rundown: 10% Tithing + 10% Saving + 80% living now = 100% financial blessing & success!) If He can calm a storm by a spoken word or stepping into a boat on a tormented sea (and He did both) then He can definitely calm a tormented mind through His written word and invited presence in your life!

But wait, maybe the problem is while you do believe God can help you, you don't believe you're deserving of His help... You're not, by the way, and neither am I... But like a parent of a spoiled-brat child, God still loves you because he created you and he wishes no harm to come to you so He will always be lovingly willing to help you! Psalm 36:5 "But your loyal love, LORD, extends to the skies; your faithfulness reaches the clouds." -NEV the same scripture is translated "God's love is meteoric, his loyalty astronomic, His purpose titanic, his verdicts oceanic. Yet in his largeness nothing gets lost; Not a man, not a mouse, slips through the cracks." in the message version... "NOT ONE MAN" not even you slip through the cracks in God's eyes. 

The last possibility is you do not believe He will help you.  This word "will" can be taken one of two ways - wither he is withholding His help or is simply not willing to help - allow me to cover both:

First, God withholding help:  Unfortunately that thinking is not sound... The word of God states the exact opposite "The LORD is a sun and shield; God is favor and glory. The LORD gives—doesn’t withhold —good things to those who walk with integrity. " Psalm 84:11 -CEV Also, God commands us "Do not withhold good from those who deserve it when it’s in your power to help them!" If he is commanding His followers not to withhold help do you actually think He won't practice what he's preaching!? Of not! Since we already believe it's in His power to help any situation and we've taken care of the flawed thinking regarding deservidness (definitely just made up a word! ha!) we know through these, and many more, scriptures He will not withhold His help!

Second and last, but what I believe is the actual issue at hand... The belief that God is not willing to help.  Either it's too trivial, He's too busy or He doesn't want to be bothered with our small problems in comparison with the world at large... Let God change your mind about this one... "What's the price of two or three pet canaries? Some loose change, right? But I never overlook a single one. And pay even greater attention to you, down to the last detaileven numbering the hairs on your head! So don't be intimidated by all this bully talk. You're worth more than a million canaries." Luke 12:5-7 Don't allow the bully in your mind make you think you are forgotten by God or your concerns are trivial in His sight... Have you counted the hairs on your head lately?  No? Why not? Because it's not important to you... Well, God has because even that is a concern to him... If you want His attention, pull one out, ha! Now that He is looking, talk to Him! It's not even that hard, just whisper His name and He will listen.  You're not bothering God, in fact, He delights in you sharing the details and if very willing to help and direct you, but don't take my word for it, take His "The Lord directs the steps... He delights in every detail of their lives"

I want to be like the father in Mark 9 "Jesus said, "If? There are no 'ifs' among believers. Anything can happen." No sooner were the words out of his mouth than the father cried, "Then I believe. Help me with my doubts!"

"God forgive us for doubting your help. Teach and direct us to get rid of or learn to ignore our doubts and to follow you closely, sharing the details of the journey!  We want to be a delight to you, Lord!  JESUS, WE BELIEVE!"

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Watching this video the other day got me thinking... Am I one of those people who speak just because I have to say something or who speaks because I have something to say?  There is a difference you know... Only an fool "just has to say something" about anything whereas a wise person speaks only when they "have something to say."

Take notice of the reactions to the silence in this video... Silence is out-of-the-norm and therefor people pay attention. 

So what can we learn from a simple YouTube improve video?  That we don't always need to say something... Sometimes it's best if we keep silent and don't share our opinions on every subject known to man... Remember: "opinions are like rear ends, everyone has one!" haha!

Next time someone offends you and you feel you "just need to say something" to let them know they've crossed the line and stepped on your sensitive little toes, take a breath and ask yourself what that will accomplish?  Most likely, you'll only add an offence on top of your own and nothing will be resolved quickly... But if you remain quiet you can still get your point across and you may even get an apology without having to shove the request down the other person's throat.  Usually people know they are going to offend you before they open their mouth and voice their thoughts in the first place; giving the reaction they expect isn't going to do much... However, the discomfort of silence may do something, so give it a chance.

Another point on silence is when the people around you are joking about something that sort of rubs your sensibilities the wrong way... You could say "guys, that's not right, I won't stay here and listen to that" or you can just not laugh... They most likely will get the point either way and you may be able to avoid quibbling over moral beliefs and/or scripture which may accompany your commentary... Not to mention, if we are Christians, our lives are supposed to be an example and those same people you're about to put in the hand-basket to hell with your comments should already know what you believe with regards to the subject matter in question. 

On the other hand, I understand that if there is an ongoing issue you will say something (hopefully) and I agree there are times to make a vocal stand. I'm not saying you always have to be silent or be a doormat to some God bashing jerk, that's silly and if you were always silent it would have no impact. The point is to try something different: if you are usually a vocal person try the silence, it may have a greater impact than all the words you've spoken to date on the subject in question.  Sometimes being quiet is the nicest thing you can do in a given situation and it's always best to be silent rather than vindictive or mean spirited... What's that saying? Ah, yes "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." Being kind to people is part of being Christian but I understand that saying something kind isn't always an option in the heat of a moment and so did Jesus... For those high emotion moments he said to "turn the other cheek" not "rip-a-strip off their back with the worst tongue lashing you can muster!"

Matthew 5:38, 39 & 42 "Here's another old saying that deserves a second look: 'Eye for eye, tooth for tooth.' Is that going to get us anywhere? Here's what I propose: 'Don't hit back at all.' If someone strikes you, stand there and take it... And if someone takes unfair advantage of you, use the occasion to practice the servant life. No more tit-for-tat stuff. Live generously."

Monday, June 13, 2011

Give me Some Room Bachelorette!

"You have a great chance of having a perfect relationship. All it takes is knowing. There's no such thing!" -ihatequotes

I saw this quote on Twitter last Tuesday after watching the "Bachelorette" on Monday night and having the same thought this quote invoked... Soooo, here's my blog about it! ha!

Last Monday during the show one guy on a date with Ashley (I think his name was Ryan? for the remainder of this blog it will be regardless ha!) and something he said really made me think... While Ashley was definitely excited and agreeable to his proposal of wanting to live in a relationship bubble of excitement and emotion I was sitting on my sofa losing my mind, wanting to shake her into reality.  Ryan said he wanted his relationship with his future spouse to be so amazing no one would really understand it but he and his wife would be so "in love" they would just always have this practically alternate universe of euphoric bliss!  Ryan wants some love ecstasy and Ashley is jumping on that train chugging off into a techno-colored sunset... Don't get me wrong here, it is a great idea and I like Ryan (from the edited information I see) but this "great idea" is just that, an idea for fairy tales to be written from.

I'm not being a pessimist about love, just read on... I too want my own Cinderella story with a charming prince to love me in spite of past mistakes, current quirks or future faults!  But as I gain life experience I'm realizing no one is perfect, not even me (surprise surprise!) I realize everyone makes mistakes, everyone hurts people even if they never intended it and everyone has their very own past that creates both good and not-so-good baggage to be carried into a future relationship. 

Ecstasy  means 'to stand outside the ordinary self' and that's not what I want at all... I don't think it's what anyone truly wants if time is taken to actually think it through...  I want someone to be real with me, to be ordinary with me (you know sit down on the sofa and just veg in our jammies or walk downtown for no particular reason) because (and I know this is SHOCKING! ha!) I am not extraordinary in every area... Although I will give myself a bit of credit here and say I am a pretty darn great catch :o) mainly because I try. 

When I think about what's actually important in life I think about honesty, compassion, kindness, support, love, understanding, empathy and patience.  I do not think about rainbows, dashing good looks (although it's a good plus haha!) smiles at all times, a horse with a brilliant mane trotting off into the sunset with us in tow!  I want what's real; to see someone have a bad day and cheer him up!  I want him to see me upset and still think I'm beautiful... (Instead of being like Bentley from the Bachelorette saying how unattractive crying is and he was hating being stuck there with Ashley being upset but to her face he acted like he was in love... JERK!) I want him to be able to tell me when I'm out of line but still love me and be kind during the process.  I want to have room to breathe and make a couple of mistakes without knocking us "out of love" and I want to give the same in return.

In any relationship whether it be familial, friendship or love relationship we need to "give some room" for people to make mistakes and recover from them within the bounds of our acceptance!  Listen honey, you're not perfect and neither am I, I will make you angry with my opinion on some issue and I'm sure you will make me angry with one or two yourself so give me some room and I'll do the same for you.  Be practical, at least in your expectation for a relationship, if you expect me to make a mistake and decide in advance it's not going to ruin us and I do the same for my own expectations but neither make a mistake what harm would that do? We would just reach a higher level of ecstasy and be able to look down from our mansion in the clouds of fantasy at Ryan and Ashley laughing at their mere little love shack! ha!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Labeled... Run for the Cure!

What impressed me about this picture was the lable around the woman's neck...  If you look at her eyes you can already come to your own conclusion she is most likely, at least partially, blind. 

How humiliating to have to wear this sign around your neck announcing your incapability!  I know this day and age it is politically incorrect to say "incapability" with relation to any physical or mental impairment... In fact, the word "impairment" may be politically incorrect by now... But in order to get the point across please allow me this luxury without judgement of the language in this blog. Besides, with regards to the "incapability" of it all: how could you feel capable with this "warning" preceding your presence?  No matter how capable you actually are, no matter how unlimited you actually are by your blindness, the judgement of incapability is most likely to be made by those who see the sign before they would ever have a moment to view your achievements.

What if we still had to wear a "blind" sign around our neck!?  I suppose it may be helpful in some situations: if you knew someone was blind to their own selfishness and would never be willing to compromise you may not move in with them... Or you could stay away from that person with the "blind" attitude they just can't see in the mirror who would also not see the hurt they've caused by their off-the-cuff commentary and judgement of every person's worth and action within a large proximity to them. Even the one who is "blind" to hardships that can come into a life and would have no empathy or sympathy for the person standing next to them they've just cut in front of in a coffee shop line-up who may have just lost their job, family or home. A "blind" sign for the opposite sex you are thinking of pursuing who carries more baggage than a US Airways jetliner... Yes, in those situations, as well as some others I'm sure you can think of on your own, the "blind" sign might just be the perfect solution! ha!

In all seriousness, although it may not be a physical "blindness," in some ways, to some situations, people or problems we all are "blind." We all have that one "blind" spot we miss in seemingly every situation or person; that one warning sign not seen when there's about to be a fatal crash just around the corner of your life's path or relationship... What if you had to wear a "blind" sign announcing that one weakness, that one thing you work so feverishly to change but at this moment still fall short of "curing?"  You desire people get a sense of who you are through your presence but instead they see you're "blind" sign and immediately view you as incapable.

I had an uncle who was blind... He was a preacher/evangelist greatly used by God. But the story I remember hearing that most impressed me about him was he made and installed his own kitchen cabinets... Now I know what you're thinking in your own politically incorrect manner haha! I saw those cabinets and I can attest to the fact had a person not known they were build by a blind man previous to the viewing it's not something you would ever guess on your own! They were impeccable, level, painted well, every piece in place and finished perfectly!

Thank God, just like my uncle's cabinets we do not have to wear a "blind" sign!  But it would benefit us not forget everyone is "blind" in their own way... We are all working on "curing" some part of who we are, how we thing or an action, better yet, reaction.  Do not forget your own "blindness" and make room for others as well, don't judge them based on the moment you notice their "blind" sign after all it doesn't read "incapable." Realize, like you, that person may be very aware they are "blind" they may be self conscious and expecting judgement based on their "blindness alone, be the person who gives understanding, acceptance and encouragement instead!  Be the one who "runs for the cure" with them instead of being part of the disease that fights against their cure!

Monday, June 6, 2011


I'm not so sure this picture needs a caption... I was looking at on-line photography yesterday and came across this wonder.  The picture honestly left me speechless but with many thoughts flooding my mind and I immediately knew it would inspire this week's blog.

I'm posting this picture today and blogging about it Thursday because I want you to think about the picture for yourself. Analyze it, what does it say to you?  What does this picture force you to think about? Can you apply the picture to yourself in some way? 

Please, feel free to post your comments below (or on facebook) about this picture!  In fact, I encourage you and request you would post comments below! If it's a comment for my eyes only, just let me know and I won't publish it :o)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm Spreading the Fever!

Hi honeys!  It seems like forever and a day since I've written to you!  Miss one Monday and I'm a mess! haha!

I spent yesterday and today thinking about and writing next weeks blog and now I'm not sure what to write for you today!  So I suppose I will just start with expressing my gratitude that you are reading/following my blog at all!  I''m sure as in every area in life there is someone out there who blogs about something that's funnier, smarter or more edgy than I... I'm sure there are many bloggers who are better word smiths than I so I appreciate your loyalty and interest! By the way, I am not a "serious or mushy moment/talk" kind of girl so you better be appreciating this heart-felt thank you! haha!

I guess I would just like to encourage all of you to keep working on yourselves as I work on my own life and share the process with you here... I have been and will continue to share what I view as my triumphs, lessons, short-falls and silliness but I do request you keep up with me and try to apply some aspect of every blog to your own life and then try to "pass it on" to someone you think may need it!  Kind of a pay it forward blog I suppose! YAY, I like that! We can all feel good about attempting to share with others and the possibilities of hope and happiness that can grow!  (Wow, I kind of sound like a hippie! ha!)

There's the practical application for this weekend...that's right, the whole weekend this time!  I want you to do this for at least one person every day (including today) until Monday's blog and then leave comments to tell me what you've done, the reactions you get or ideas for the rest of us in case we get stumped!  It's summer, it's bright outside, warming up, I definitely have summer fever and from what I've been seeing in the building supplies stores, garden centers and ice cream stands I'm sure I'm not the only one with this little fever! ha!  PS. I love it and so should you!  I haven't forgotten to tell you what the task at hand for the weekend is and you can probably already guess it... Spread the summer fever! 

Here's how I propose we spread the fever but also feel free to be creative and do you're own thing (don't forget to share those ideas in the comment section below! You don't have to be a member, you can leave your idea under just a name or anonymously!):
  • Continue what BrendaBrigiitte started and retweet her post "If you are reading this YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, DON'T ALLOW ANYONE TO DIM YOUR SHINE"
  • Let someone out in traffic in front of you or maybe even two someones!
  • Buy someone a coffee or ice cream, it doesn't even have to be a friend (in fact, it's probably better if it isn't a friend!) just the person in line behind you or the next person in the drive-thru!
  • Leave a "thank you note" for your server!  If you go to a restaurant where someone is cleaning up your mess leave them a "thank you note" on the table... You don't have to go out and buy a card or anything, just find an unused napkin or scrap piece of paper in your purse/wallet and write something nice!
  • Leave a "I hope your day is great" or "Smile, you look smashing" sort of note on a changing room mirror for the next customer or retail worker who comes by after you! (Seriously a great pick-me-up I would love!)
  • Buy or cut a couple of flowers for someone!  You can just give them to your mama, friend or family member or if you're really brave you can stick them in a summery vase and leave them on the doorstep of a neighbor before they come home!
  • Help someone around you!  Whether it's lifting something into some one's car with them at Wal-mart, helping your neighbor weed those pesky dandelions from their lawn, offering a neighbor a cold beverage on your deck some hot day or giving someone a "pooper-scooper baggie" when you've seen they ran out on the walking trail (if you do that one, you might want to add an "it's happened to me too" comment when you're hading the baggie over, that will make sure they aren't embarrassed and don't think you're being snotty! ha!)
  • Get a couple of "dollar off ice-cream certificate," Wendy's, McDonald's or coffee shop dollars and leave them behind somewhere random for the next person who sits down or walks by!
And that's it people :o)  I'm sure you're thinking of more things to do but if you're just not creative there are enough suggestions to get you through to Monday! 

Remember to let me know how it goes and to post your own suggestions below for others! I'm excited! SPREAD THE FEVER!