Friday, December 30, 2016

New Perspective for the New Year

"Set your sails toward great goals and stay on course.  Keep Christ at the top of your priorities and you will never regret it. Good things come to those who wait." - Morton Bustard

I've read this note every day for years (since I was approximately 12 years old.) As you can tell, it's been folded and carried, yellowed and spilled upon, the writing has faded; but, the words never will. These words and the belief behind them have pulled me through a lot in life, encouraged me in times of loneliness, reminded me someone I love and respect believes in my potential, and pushed me to keep moving forward in life and faith.

The past couple of days I've been sifting through quotes online, as I always do when a New Year is cresting the horizon, but this time, to no avail... This morning I saw a scripture that was attached to another note I have like this one and was reminded of this quote I've had all along. Isn't that the thing with us all? Always looking for something new, something fresh to inspire us to grow? Sometimes in life we don't get what we are looking for because we need to be reminded we have always had exactly what we need... That old and faithful word that has directed us to where we stand today is still working to direct us into a new and brighter tomorrow.

So, the beginning of this year I will be remembering all of the good people, faithful words, sweet moments and I will make them fresh again... I will find new strength and new direction from the tested and true.

I can tell you for sure, these words can be trusted! They will bring comfort when it's needed, joy if it's dreary, and light to the dark corners in the path of life. And so, I've chosen to share these words given to me, with you! I will multiply this blessing by giving it away freely. That's the great thing about words, they may fade on paper but can only become more clear in the heart.  Most things you give away decrease in your own hand, but blessings, words, encouragement and care, they are things that never run out, they are ever increasing even when shared! So let each word be to you all of the wonderful things I've found in them, let these words be your fresh perspective for 2017!