Monday, October 17, 2016

Christians and Donald vs. Hillary

I saw a friend's Facebook status today and was compelled to respond... Very interesting thought and one I've had brought to me many times before so I thought it would be appropriate to share here! 



First to the non-christian: I'm so sorry if you've had to deal with the above, if you've seen it, heard it, been involved directly to indirectly.. Sometimes the only explanation that can be acceptable is that people are idiots at times... Some of them just are an idiot in general and some just have some idiotic moments (I'd like to think most of us just suffer from the latter of the two) in any case, I'm sorry that has been your glimpse of Christianity.. Please don't judge God because of people, get to know Him and make your decisions accordingly. As the church we must give everyone a place to try, even the dummies (somewhat tongue in cheek.) 

To both Christians and non-Christians:  I see crazies everywhere else too, every belief system, whether religious, political, moral, etc. have their won nuts to deal with, why would Christianity be any differently? Furthermore, families have people we'd rather not admit to being ours, again, why should Christianity be different? Unfortunately I've had to flat out explain that not all people who go to church and/or call them selves Christian really are, just like if I sit in a garage all day and repeat to anyone who sees me that I'm a car it doesn't make it so.  

All that being said, I have seen a vast majority of "normal" Christians, or I should say TRUE Christians. We all have faults, every person in the world whether Christian or not, unfortunately even I have one haha! One! 😛 

To the Christians: All in all, faith should be put in God alone, and if a person is making it waiver then we need a recheck of where we put our faith in the first place.