Saturday, September 17, 2016

If You Ever Wonder, This is Why

Lee Stoneking UN General Assembly address (you can skip to 1:00)
Just spent last weekend listening to this man, in person... I can tell you this is truth, he also has all the medical papers and statements from the medical professionals in writing. Amazing grace.

If you ever wonder why I choose Jesus, because He can do things like this, still today... And because He has done this for me personally, no, not physically but so much of me died with difficult circumstances growing up.  Each devistation, each person who turned their back, each time there was nothing to eat in the cupboard, each time I was called names, treated poorly, and made fun of, a little spark of my light dimmed until I was dead inside.. I didn't want to be the way I was but I couldn't control myself nor the circumstances that lead me to the place I was in. Then, I made a decision, yes, just a decision to really give God a chance to help me... No one else could so why not, right? And if that didn't work there would be no more hope for me and the death all around me circumstantially would be the fate of my life. It wasn't easy, there were ups and downs even after that decision, it took commitment and perseverance from me and the love and power of Jesus to bring me back out of the dark but it worked, or rather He worked.

See that's the thing about death, it comes in so many forms that most times it's not recognized until it's too late... BUT there is something we all need to know: Jesus already took our death in all forms onto his own life. He died so we don't have to. Yes, physically it's appointed for each of us to cross that bridge to the other side but it's appointed once, you don't have to die inside each day either by circumstance others put on you or by killing yourself with your own inner beatings. There is life, and hope, and since no one else, medical professionals, friends, family or other seems to be able to put that life light back into you, why not try Him? The thing about the death of Jesus is that He rose again, he overcame for you! When someone gives their life for you, you live for their memory, so LIVE and be a light for HIM.