Monday, January 30, 2017

Vision Matters - my weekend scare

I learned something again this weekend... something we all know, we've all been reminded of one thousand times... these things are precious, eyes, vision... I woke up Saturday morning only having pinhole vision in my right eye (the specialist described it as looking through a straw.)  it was definitely scary to wake up with minimal vision, the testing the lasted all day was equally as frightening. In the end, there are more appointments, more testing, no work and no driving this week but right now it's looking like a fluke, one evening last week I was ill and that was a virus that happened to travel to my optic nerve which is now inflamed and causing the vision problems. This is something that is supposed to heal on its own.

All of this got me thinking about vision in life... MikeEaster preached a message earlier this year at Capital Community Church, Fredericton, called "no vision, no victory" (and if you haven't heard it please go to the archives at media or to our YouTube page and listen! It's a life changing perspective.)  He cited the scripture "where there's no vision the people perish." And that scripture has been on my mind this weekend... I've just been thinking, I have vision, but it's cloudy, a little off because of one inflamed area... of course, I'm comparing my physical issue to life issues. I'm asking myself and I encourage you to ask with me "where is my vision for my future blurred? What in my life is affecting my vision? Is there an area inflamed that I need to get treated?" God gives vision, we must take care of it, protect it, keep it dear and treat any infected area.