Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why so Serious? Don't be a Bitty

Hi kiddos!  Hope you all had a Happy Halloween, I took a little blog vacation myself to be with family who were visiting from afar :o)  This blog isn't going to be a very deep read, so if that's what you're craving today you may want to go to an earlier blog and read away :o)  One of my friends I've known literally my whole life just had a baby so I am pretty excited to meet the little guy!  But enough about my life let's get to this blogging business.

Once again this thought is sponsored by social media... I've had a few "run ins" lately (although I've not made issue out of them so you probably won't even know I'm talking about you haha!) just over things friends have written, observations, jokes or Lord forbid, even about something they've seen on TV and I see some nasty, or thought provoking "do you really know for sure that's true?" statements... It's SOCIAL MEDIA PEOPLE, why so serious? Not everything has to be deep, introspective, serious or even completely cautious.

And back to the "do you really know that to be true?" which to me seems to really be more of a wagging of the finger as if the one sentence observation/feeling comment was completely judgemental... Well, no, they probably don't know it's true if they are just sharing their feelings and/or observations.... It's just about what that person feels or sees it doesn't have to be the truth of the matter just the perspective of the matter... And you know what? That's okay, they are allowed to have opinions and feelings even when they differ from your own thoughts and mine :o) Why so serious?

All this being said I still believe we need to remain Christians (Christ like) in every area of life including social media. I don't think you should be just trying to agitate or instigate someone either. And please, no using names when you're passing on your observations unless it's a compliment... Don't allow your social media to become your place where there are no rules and you no longer have to obey what mama taught you "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!" No confusion or words being shoved in my mouth, please: I don't think we should be passing severe judgement on each other in any area but the truth is as long as you keep an open mind about changing our opinion if you find the fact of the matter means your perspective of the matter was incorrect you're completely entitled to your opinion and you can share it all you like :o) You don't always have to have a "spiritual spin" on everything you tweet, text, update or post... Why so Serious?

That being said, it is a good thing in general to remember to tack a little spiritual spin or undertone in things and even when there's no spin, people should not be able doubt our character by what we post unless they are just an uptight bitty, haha... Not sure what the masculine of bitty is but you can fill it in. haha!)

So all in all, share what your thinking, those observations and yes even your opinions... But remember to keep your fingers under control when they type just as much as you would keep the tongue bridled.  And for us readers of social media, don't forget we are reading the perspectives, opinions and feelings of others, we don't have to tisk when we may not agree or if we can see the other side of the post... Or we can and look like we can't take a joke, can't be anything but an uptight religious crazy who has forgotten how to have fun even when Jesus is around....  I'm pretty sure Jesus laughs at/with me at times and I think we can all learn to lighten up and not be so serious and give a belly laugh with Him once in a while :o)

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Very good...I agree!