Thursday, December 5, 2013

Two Days - Fly, Run, Walk or Crawl

Tuesday night I was thinking about choices... Thinking over my past and choices of people around me... Paths they didn't take, how life would be different had those paths been chosen. Life may not have turned out any better I don't know but I found myself wondering if there are regrets.

I guess the past doesn't really matter anyway, Martin Luther made a statement there were only two days on his calendar, "this day and that day..." The day when we meet Christ and either spend eternity in His presence or in darkness, alone. And I suppose he's right, nothing in between really takes weight from either of those two days. Your past is unchangeable, even knowing you've made bad decisions can't change them but they can e forgiven by God! And if you haven't thought about it and asked Him to forgive you for your mistakes or willing wrong ways then I encourage you to ask! he promised He is faithful and will forgive you if you just recognize your error and ask for forgiveness and strength to make better choices in your future.

Future... A day not promised to any of us... Here today gone tomorrow. It can be a scary thought, but it is truth and we need to remember that. Not only in asking forgiveness now, in the moments we have but in making the right choices now and not hoping for the "perfect moment." The "perfect moment" doesn't exist even if you have thousands of days in your future... It doesn't exist because in order for there to be a perfect moment all the surrounding circumstances would have to be perfect, the people around you, the place, the weather, your income, your life plan and let's face it, there's always going to be at least one thing that won't be exactly ideal... That's life. There is one more time I've not mentioned yet... The only other time, too late... Don't spend all your time waiting for that "perfect moment" only to be too late. You may not think it is perfect at all, maybe not even close but that's the thing, we never know it was the right time until we either take the chance or let it pass by and find ourselves too late... There are only two days "this day and that day."

So if the past us unchangeable, the future not guaranteed and there will never be that "perfect moment" I've been waiting for and only two days matter "this day and that day" then what do I do? You do whatever it is you've been thinking about, you do something you've been procrastinating, you fess up, you proclaim your love, you forgive, you ask forgiveness, you take a leap of faith into the unknown but still knowing you will only regret the chances you didn't take.

Blessed is that slave whom the master finds at work when he comes. Matthew 24:46 (NET)

I don't know what that thing is in your life or what's holding you back but if all you have is "this day an that day" then you need to do something, anything. It's better to be taking steps and making mistakes along the way than it is to stand still and forfeit all success. The guideline? There is only one, if it changes the outcome of "that day" is it for better or worse, if it makes you question whether you will be with Him or In darkness then it's the wrong step, simple. He have you a will so you could make choices and a brain so you could use it, He's most likely going to leave the decision up to you because He wants to see you grow, he will look passed one thousand mistakes if it means you will ultimately make the right choice in the end. So get out there into life, make decisions, take steps, speak up, tell someone you love them, even make mistakes, just be taking part, don't watch time slip by until it's too late.