Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do what now?

"Mic check, mic check! 1-2, 1-2!" I know it's been a long time, but this thing still works!

I've been frustrated (verging on emotional,) lazy, tired and feeling "tight" lately... Not tight as in cheap or awesome or any sense of the word that seems to have been popular recently but "tight" as in "restricted." I'm not doing enough... All I do is sing... In reality that's not all I do, still I'm not doing enough... I'm not pushing any boundaries, limits or expectations of myself.

Yes, I'm guilty of thinking I can't do "it" (whatever "it" is can be applied here) without "them" (whoever "them" are can be applied here) without "their" support (again, application), without "their" belief in my abilities... I've never been "top of the class," never "the best," rather average or at most 2nd best... I've never been the one asked to take a step into destiny or to teach and explain any particular topic. I've never been "the one" or even close to that. But is that the point? No, I'm not "top of the class," the "best" or "the one" but I do know Him. Now I'm learning to change "them" to "Him!" I can do it without "them," without "their belief," without "their support" because "I CAN do ALL THINGS through HIM!" And you can too!

There's a phrase most people have heard "hurt people hurt people." Can I just say I don't believe that's what God intends? The Bible says "for all have come short of the glory of God" also "rain falls on the just and the unjust" but God can't want all of us hurt people to hurt people in turn! In fact, the Bible also warns us not to get bitter, God is the one who makes the decision on when and where it rains. So if it's gloomy and rainy where your destiny is and you can't go outside to touch it what should you do? There are feelings that we are all going to experience... Loneliness, confusion, fear, frustration and hurt to name a few so what should we do with all those negative feelings... That's just it, they are only "feelings" the Bible reads "the heart is wicked and deceitful above all things" (the heart being the seat of the emotion) so just because your heart is aching doesn't mean you, your destiny or your God are breaking!

My intentions:  take the feelings of frustration I'm experiencing - I know you're probably expecting the cliché "learn from them" answer but I think we've got that one down - and turn them into something great! I'm changing the whole expression to how I believe God intends it "hurt people HELP people."

How do you help people when you don't have the "platform" (take that literally and/or figuratively whichever applies to you) to extend help from?  Listen, I sing but it's in a service with 7 other people, I may get a couple of solo lines a year or possibly get to speak between a couple of songs for one minute at most, so, I get that feeling. (I realize the previous statement may have put some of you on your heals but 1. I've learned there's more to life than that.  2. God used me in areas I wouldn't have even thought about if I always had the lime light so I think I'm a better person for no longer needing it...   I do think we need to GET REAL before we can GIVE HELP and if we could get back to honesty instead of abashment we could relate to and reach for others a lot more effectively... WOW, rant, sorry ha!) I'm going to be there for people who are experiencing similar situations and feelings, I'm going to encourage, uplift, push forward and witness! I'm going to help! Whether it's help a friend under pressure and stress write a paper, reach to someone because I know God is trying to extend my arms and open my hands, say or text a kind word or an action as simple as smiling at a stranger to brighten their day... I'm going to help! Even when you tell me I'm on a soap box (and I agree a blog can be and sometimes is just that), it's my soap box to stand on; furthermore, if you're offended I'm standing a bit higher and speaking a bit louder than you it's probably because you're uncomfortable with your apathy which means you need to get your own soap box to stand on and reach to the people around you. I'm going to help!

My hope: that the hurt people reading this (and typing this) help people! My commitment is now out there for all to see, you don't even have to go that far (although it would probably do you well) but come on hurt people, HELP PEOPLE WITH ME!