Thursday, January 30, 2014

Freedom of Speech... Absolutely

Freedom of speech? What a strange concept... We don't have freedom of speech anymore... Well, unless it is a speech written for you and coached by the politically correct police... You may however have your own opinion, as long as it matches the opinion of others... Don't actually have an absolute truth in your opinion or you're wrong! There are no absolutes in this world, we don't allow them anymore and if your belief system is so archaic you do still believe anything absolutely then we will beat it out of you... Not physically but verbally and possibly legally.

It's all about tolerance! Or is it... No... It's all, about complete acceptance. You must accept me no matter what I say or do, no matter what you believe you must tell me my way of living is just as righteous as yours, you must not think anything I do is wrong, remember no absolutes.  You must not only tolerate me, you must validate me. You mustn't only be kind to me but you must sacrifice everything you are if any of it makes me feel uncomfortable. Oh and if you don't agree but keep quiet, that's not enough, I will pull the acceptance out of you eventually, we can never just agree to disagree...  And even if you don't say it, I can feel it and I know what you would say so I will put those words in your mouth anyway... I can talk about the way I live twenty four hours a day until I ware your resistance down to nothing but you, if you speak of your absolute truths, you're an ignorant, hater. But how ridiculous is that!? I mean, we can disagree with someone and still tolerate them, for goodness sake, I love some of the people I disagree with on a weekly basis!  I can ultimately disagree with the way a person is living, in fact, I can hate that person's lifestyle because of what I know it does to them and I can still love that person and continue a relationship with them... Don't believe me, well, I already have... My uncle was an alcoholic, I hated that about him, yes, he was high functioning and always seemed to be in a rather alert state of mind but I knew what that lifestyle would do to him... I loved my uncle, went to his house all the time after school, he loved me. We both knew I didn't like his choice in lifestyle but that didn't hinder the love at all, I was respectful to him and we had a great friendship, he and I both understood that I loved him but that didn't mean I had to fully accept his lifestyle as being right, I didn't even have to like the lifestyle. We can, and must agree to disagree, if we all agreed on everything it would absolve diversity from the Earth.

I know this introduction. Has been unusual, but isn't that the message we are getting lately? Poor Natalie Grant leaves the Grammys and doesn't even state her reasoning but the words are attributed to her anyway, she is a hater, a horrible person because she doesn't sit through something she believes to be wrong... But not only the absolute, it's intolerant of her, I sensitive to her beliefs... Oh but, who cares about her beliefs because she believes there is only one way so her rights don't count?  Honestly, reading about the Grammys and Natalie walking out specifically has stirred something in me again, something I've thought of before but something I've ignored.  The truth is, there are absolutes.

The truth is, believing in absolutes does make people uncomfortable, honestly, even I'm uncomfortable with it sometimes... But that feeling of discomfort is actually called conviction and it's not the same as condemnation... Sometimes they feel a bit alike but conviction is made to help you, to lead you to change, to better you not to discourage or inhibit growth.  The truth is, there is truth. Jesus is the only way, there is only one God and heaven is his home, so if you want to live under His roof you're going to have to follow His rules.  Fortunately, He loves us like children and his rules are for our good. There is one door to His home and the security system is our of this world, the only way in is through that door. Jesus is the door and none come to the father but those that come through Jesus.  I know that sounds a little confusing so let me break it down... To go through Jesus, the door, there is three steps you must take. There are keys to that door and Jesus gave those keys to Peter... There are three keys.  1. Repentance: recognizing your sin, admitting and confessing that sin to God... Asking Him and anyone else you need to for their forgiveness and committing to change. That is the crucifixion of your old self. (Walking up to the door.) 2. Baptism: by immersion in Jesus name. That's the death of sin's power over you and the awakening to a new you! (Stepping up on the threshold.) 3. In filling of the Holy Spirit: God's spirit comes to dwell in you, to help you live a better life, to give you power and strength in your Christian walk. And you know this step has taken place because you speak with other tongues as His spirit helps you... It's how everyone knew in the bible times and still how we know today. Since heaven is a supernatural place you need a supernatural power to get you there and that power is the Spirit of The Lord! Simple. (You're in!)


Nikki Madore said...

Very good read

Robert green said...

Once again, well done and well written. Much truth here. I honestly would like to see this as a letter to the editor.